New free typing games

197 new typing games. To type without looking at the keyboard is essential. Now you can learn and have fun playing.

197) Clattergrams
Frozen Typing
196) Frozen Typing
Blasting Typing
195) Blasting Typing
Easy Typing for kids
194) Easy Typing for kids
Alphabet Type
193) Alphabet Type
Christmas Alphabet
192) Christmas Alphabet
Falling Stars Typing
191) Falling Stars Typing
Typo Runner
190) Typo Runner
Sea Typing
189) Sea Typing
Miami Zombie Typing
188) Miami Zombie Typing
Make Money Typing
187) Make Money Typing
Typing of the Living Dead
186) Typing of the Living Dead
Gems Typing
185) Gems Typing
Bus Typing
184) Bus Typing
Halloween Monsters Land
183) Halloween Monsters Land
Winter Typing
182) Winter Typing
Halloween Typing Game'; /* Halloween typing
181) Halloween Typing Game'; /* Halloween typing
City Sky Typing
180) City Sky Typing
Asteroid Defense
179) Asteroid Defense
Beaver Trouble Typing
178) Beaver Trouble Typing
Alphas keep falling
177) Alphas keep falling
Easter Bunnies Typing
176) Easter Bunnies Typing
Halloween Typing
175) Halloween Typing
Volleyball Typing
174) Volleyball Typing
The fly typing
173) The fly typing
Typing go home
172) Typing go home
Li Lei and Han Meimei typing
171) Li Lei and Han Meimei typing
Sky Typing
170) Sky Typing
Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs
169) Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs
Quick Typing
168) Quick Typing
Summer Typing
167) Summer Typing
Bee Typer
166) Bee Typer
Balloons Typing
165) Balloons Typing
Typing with birds
164) Typing with birds
Falling ABC
163) Falling ABC
Alphabet Break
162) Alphabet Break
Beach Typing
161) Beach Typing
60s Type
160) 60s Type
Snaking Type
159) Snaking Type
158) Halloweenies
Scary Witch Typing
157) Scary Witch Typing
Blackboard Typing
156) Blackboard Typing
155) Typotron
Snail Invasion
154) Snail Invasion
153) TerminaCore
Word Mountain
152) Word Mountain
Type Rocket 60
151) Type Rocket 60
150) Typix
Typing Speed Test for everyone'; /*Typing Speed Test
149) Typing Speed Test for everyone'; /*Typing Speed Test
Snail Invasion Extended
148) Snail Invasion Extended
Typing game
147) Typing game
Typing bean
146) Typing bean
Type and pop balloons Skill game
145) Type and pop balloons Skill game
144) MonKeyboard
Monster Invasion
143) Monster Invasion
The Alphabet
142) The Alphabet
Rocket Typing
141) Rocket Typing
Extreme Spelling
140) Extreme Spelling
Bomb Typing
139) Bomb Typing
Learn the alphabet
138) Learn the alphabet
Valentine\'s Typing game
137) Valentine\'s Typing game
Hot Balloon Typing
136) Hot Balloon Typing
Typing Defence'; /* Defense
135) Typing Defence'; /* Defense
NFL Typing
134) NFL Typing
Spelling drill
133) Spelling drill
Crazy ABC to XYZ
132) Crazy ABC to XYZ
Rocket Type Deluxe
131) Rocket Type Deluxe
Lightning Typing 2
130) Lightning Typing 2
North Korea launch Typing
129) North Korea launch Typing
Typing Jastin Beibeh
128) Typing Jastin Beibeh
Shooting Typing
127) Shooting Typing
Fruit swordman Typing
126) Fruit swordman Typing
Horse racing typing
125) Horse racing typing
Piano Typing
124) Piano Typing
Coin Typing
123) Coin Typing
Fruits Typing
122) Fruits Typing
Cupid Typing
121) Cupid Typing
CoNami Challenge
120) CoNami Challenge
Typing Defense
119) Typing Defense
Fly the HeliQ
118) Fly the HeliQ
117) Szóvadász
Crazy Balloon
116) Crazy Balloon
Type Hero
115) Type Hero
Typo Trooper
114) Typo Trooper
Farm Defender
113) Farm Defender
112) Typo-Mania
Type Fast
111) Type Fast
Typing Asteroids
110) Typing Asteroids
Typing Hero
109) Typing Hero
Alpha Blitz
108) Alpha Blitz
B-Speed Typer II
107) B-Speed Typer II
Touch Typing
106) Touch Typing
B-Word Challenge
105) B-Word Challenge
Typing speed biz
104) Typing speed biz
B-Speed Typer III
103) B-Speed Typer III
Launch Code
102) Launch Code
From A to Z
101) From A to Z
Typing Asteroids II
100) Typing Asteroids II
Key Krusher
99) Key Krusher
War of the Words
98) War of the Words
Typing Arcaniod
97) Typing Arcaniod
The Essay
96) The Essay
ABC jumpers
95) ABC jumpers
94) Xpletter
Snow Typer
93) Snow Typer
Lion Typing
92) Lion Typing
91) AlphaSpeed
Best Typing
90) Best Typing
Mini Games Ultimate
89) Mini Games Ultimate
Jumping Caterpillar
88) Jumping Caterpillar
Green Typist
87) Green Typist
Type & Relax
86) Type & Relax
Type & Groove
85) Type & Groove
84) TypeDown
83) Quicktype
AI Series 01: Tomo
82) AI Series 01: Tomo
Letter Cruncher
81) Letter Cruncher
80) Keymory
Words Trap
79) Words Trap
Word War I
78) Word War I
Word Work
77) Word Work
Space Trace
76) Space Trace
Assault Typing
75) Assault Typing
74) Toodle
Magic Spells
73) Magic Spells
Bomb Squad
72) Bomb Squad
Dino Kids - Trash Typer
71) Dino Kids - Trash Typer
Excuses Excuses
70) Excuses Excuses
Mots piégés
69) Mots piégés
Super Typing
68) Super Typing
Type Command Robot
67) Type Command Robot
Finger Frenzy World
66) Finger Frenzy World
Wizard Typing
65) Wizard Typing
Word Wise Jetsetter
64) Word Wise Jetsetter
Balloon Fun
63) Balloon Fun
Kids Typing
62) Kids Typing
Fast Typer 2
61) Fast Typer 2
30 sec Alphabet
60) 30 sec Alphabet
Type Storm
59) Type Storm
Lightning Typing
58) Lightning Typing
Clockwords: Act I
57) Clockwords: Act I
Alpha Speed
56) Alpha Speed
Fast Typer Italian Version
55) Fast Typer Italian Version
Balloon Master 2
54) Balloon Master 2
Letter Launch
53) Letter Launch
B-Speed Typer
52) B-Speed Typer
Albarn\'s Attack
51) Albarn\'s Attack
Nature Typing
50) Nature Typing
Tarantuloid Typing Terror
49) Tarantuloid Typing Terror
Key Master 3
48) Key Master 3
Assault Typing Powered
47) Assault Typing Powered
24 Minutes - Episode 1
46) 24 Minutes - Episode 1
Keyboard Warriors - Christmas Puzzle Edition
45) Keyboard Warriors - Christmas Puzzle Edition
Novita: Baseball Typing
44) Novita: Baseball Typing
Fireball Typer
43) Fireball Typer
Key Master
42) Key Master
Funky Samurai
41) Funky Samurai
Super Hyper Spider Typer
40) Super Hyper Spider Typer
Gojira: The Typing of the Rizard
39) Gojira: The Typing of the Rizard
38) Typo
Arachnid Falls
37) Arachnid Falls
36) Music
Typing Tone
35) Typing Tone
Magic Library
34) Magic Library
Typing Speed Test
33) Typing Speed Test
Word Frenzy
32) Word Frenzy
Typing Jim
31) Typing Jim
Key Master 2
30) Key Master 2
29) Gyroshi
Balloon Master
28) Balloon Master
Keypad Kaos
27) Keypad Kaos
Word Invaders
26) Word Invaders
The Alphabet Backwards
25) The Alphabet Backwards
Type Master
24) Type Master
23) Typeroids
Alpha Drop
22) Alpha Drop
Speedy Type
21) Speedy Type
Pi Runner
20) Pi Runner
Word Reaper Concept
19) Word Reaper Concept
Fast Typer
18) Fast Typer
Sunrise Typer
17) Sunrise Typer
QWERTY Warriors
16) QWERTY Warriors
Fowl Words
15) Fowl Words
Cup Stacking
14) Cup Stacking
Typing Monster
13) Typing Monster
The Typing of the Ghosts
12) The Typing of the Ghosts
Type Type Revolution
11) Type Type Revolution
Krazy Keyz
10) Krazy Keyz
English Football World Cup Typing
9) English Football World Cup Typing
Axis of Evil Typing
8) Axis of Evil Typing
Typing 01
7) Typing 01
QWERTY Warriors 2
6) QWERTY Warriors 2
Type Masta
5) Type Masta
Air Typer
4) Air Typer
Typing Game Collection
3) Typing Game Collection
Fowl Words 2
2) Fowl Words 2
1) Alphattack
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