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316 Games for brain training and mental skills: puzzles, Sudoku, memory, triles, couples, tetris, differences, maps...

316) Godai
Mahjong Cards
315) Mahjong Cards
Super Robo Fighter 2
314) Super Robo Fighter 2
313) Colorgama
Plant Evolution
312) Plant Evolution
311) Tiles
Catch the dot
310) Catch the dot
309) Scaled
Hex Zen
308) Hex Zen
Mountain Mind
307) Mountain Mind
Puzzle Ball
306) Puzzle Ball
Icesters Trouble
305) Icesters Trouble
Omit orange
304) Omit orange
Feed the Figures
303) Feed the Figures
Hotel Solitaire
302) Hotel Solitaire
Mahjong Connect
301) Mahjong Connect
Free The Key
300) Free The Key
Fun Game Play Mahjong
299) Fun Game Play Mahjong
Twisted City
298) Twisted City
297) Particolo
Insects Mahjong
296) Insects Mahjong
Jigsaw Palace
295) Jigsaw Palace
Yummy 2048
294) Yummy 2048
Epic Jungle Escape
293) Epic Jungle Escape
Fruits Connect Deluxe
292) Fruits Connect Deluxe
Jewel Burst
291) Jewel Burst
Cargo Challenge
290) Cargo Challenge
Jelly Madness 2
289) Jelly Madness 2
288) Flowers
Fruit Matching
287) Fruit Matching
Birthday Gift Hunt
286) Birthday Gift Hunt
Pop N Dare
285) Pop N Dare
Tasty Tale
284) Tasty Tale
Galaxy Exploration
283) Galaxy Exploration
Tetroid 3
282) Tetroid 3
Findergarten 2017
281) Findergarten 2017
Valentine\'s Mahjong
280) Valentine\'s Mahjong
Fruits Match Billionaire
279) Fruits Match Billionaire
Dorothy\'s Adventures in Oz
278) Dorothy\'s Adventures in Oz
Farm Mahjong
277) Farm Mahjong
Pastry passion
276) Pastry passion
Ladybug Secret Mission
275) Ladybug Secret Mission
Match 2 Collapse
274) Match 2 Collapse
Car Connect Challenge
273) Car Connect Challenge
Pleasant Goat wit battle
272) Pleasant Goat wit battle
Jungle Puzzles
271) Jungle Puzzles
Angry Bird Space Big Bomb
270) Angry Bird Space Big Bomb
Magical Hat Matching
269) Magical Hat Matching
Owls Relocation
268) Owls Relocation
Blocks 2
267) Blocks 2
Flower Match Deluxe
266) Flower Match Deluxe
Fantasy World
265) Fantasy World
Jessie Hidden Objects
264) Jessie Hidden Objects
Go to and Match
263) Go to and Match
Vintage Connect
262) Vintage Connect
Owls Tetriz
261) Owls Tetriz
Mahjong Dare
260) Mahjong Dare
Deluxe Connecting
259) Deluxe Connecting
Happy Clown Tetriz
258) Happy Clown Tetriz
Toys Lines Match 3
257) Toys Lines Match 3
Frisky Balloons
256) Frisky Balloons
255) a2z
Gems Mining
254) Gems Mining
UFO and Crazy Monsters
253) UFO and Crazy Monsters
Frozen Story
252) Frozen Story
Insects Match Deluxe
251) Insects Match Deluxe
Connect Puzzles
250) Connect Puzzles
Big Hero 6 Hidden Numbers
249) Big Hero 6 Hidden Numbers
Juicy Fruit Match
248) Juicy Fruit Match
Ball Matching
247) Ball Matching
Inside Out Puzzle
246) Inside Out Puzzle
Super Kawaii Match
245) Super Kawaii Match
Block Popping Challenge
244) Block Popping Challenge
Mommy Elsa Vogue Interview
243) Mommy Elsa Vogue Interview
Epic Fruit Harvesting
242) Epic Fruit Harvesting
Findergarten Animals
241) Findergarten Animals
Forest Gems
240) Forest Gems
Unique fruits match
239) Unique fruits match
Bird Cards Match
238) Bird Cards Match
Fruits Match Challenge
237) Fruits Match Challenge
20 Puzzles
236) 20 Puzzles
Findergarten Clown
235) Findergarten Clown
Crazy Collapse
234) Crazy Collapse
Flower Mahjong Deluxe
233) Flower Mahjong Deluxe
Massive Match 3
232) Massive Match 3
Fruits Slices Match
231) Fruits Slices Match
Love Story
230) Love Story
Fruit Matching Max
229) Fruit Matching Max
Cake Challenge
228) Cake Challenge
Elimination Tactics
227) Elimination Tactics
226) Mahzoong
Elsa College Games
225) Elsa College Games
Finder Garten
224) Finder Garten
Linking Puzzles
223) Linking Puzzles
Hamster Lost in Food
222) Hamster Lost in Food
Cat around the world - Alpine Lakes
221) Cat around the world - Alpine Lakes
Match 3 Arena
220) Match 3 Arena
Collapse Insanity
219) Collapse Insanity
My Little Pony Circus Fun
218) My Little Pony Circus Fun
Bad Pig Perfect Couple
217) Bad Pig Perfect Couple
Tower Collapse Deluxe
216) Tower Collapse Deluxe
Dino Blocks
215) Dino Blocks
Cat around Asia
214) Cat around Asia
Restaurant Mahjong
213) Restaurant Mahjong
Frozen School Day
212) Frozen School Day
Frozen Anna\'s Toys
211) Frozen Anna\'s Toys
Masha and the Bear Hidden Objects
210) Masha and the Bear Hidden Objects
Match and Spell
209) Match and Spell
Masha and the bear puzzle
208) Masha and the bear puzzle
Ducks Match
207) Ducks Match
Princess Juliet Troll\'s Castle Escape
206) Princess Juliet Troll\'s Castle Escape
Escape from Asian Garden
205) Escape from Asian Garden
Inside Out Hidden Objects
204) Inside Out Hidden Objects
Elsa And Jack Love Test
203) Elsa And Jack Love Test
Bunny and the Turtle
202) Bunny and the Turtle
Cakes Block Collapse
201) Cakes Block Collapse
Zootopia Police Investigation
200) Zootopia Police Investigation
Star Wars The Force Awakens Hidden Numbers
199) Star Wars The Force Awakens Hidden Numbers
Letters Connect Deluxe
198) Letters Connect Deluxe
Splendid Fruits Mahjong
197) Splendid Fruits Mahjong
Lovely Scenery Puzzle
196) Lovely Scenery Puzzle
Riley Hide and Seek
195) Riley Hide and Seek
Sea Life memory game
194) Sea Life memory game
Tic Tac Toe Revenge
193) Tic Tac Toe Revenge
Fast food... dizzying mind!
192) Fast food... dizzying mind!
Angry Owls Xtra
191) Angry Owls Xtra
Cricket hidden numbers
190) Cricket hidden numbers
Joyful Birds Matching
189) Joyful Birds Matching
Optimus crossing bridge
188) Optimus crossing bridge
Charming Bugs Puzzle
187) Charming Bugs Puzzle
Twirl snail pairs
186) Twirl snail pairs
Gangnam TaTaTa 2
185) Gangnam TaTaTa 2
Dora cute butterfly matching
184) Dora cute butterfly matching
Match Factory
183) Match Factory
Shell matching
182) Shell matching
Toys Mahjong
181) Toys Mahjong
Gogo eat fruit
180) Gogo eat fruit
Legend hero matching
179) Legend hero matching
Delicious Matching
178) Delicious Matching
Dora stage show
177) Dora stage show
Gemini Princesses look different
176) Gemini Princesses look different
Color Beans
175) Color Beans
Angry Birds Go jigsaw
174) Angry Birds Go jigsaw
Mushroom Puzzle Bubble
173) Mushroom Puzzle Bubble
Swap the box
172) Swap the box
Frozen Snow Queen
171) Frozen Snow Queen
This is my crisis
170) This is my crisis
Train Maze
169) Train Maze
Animal Stars Elimination
168) Animal Stars Elimination
Protect Olaf
167) Protect Olaf
Super Appleman Puzzle
166) Super Appleman Puzzle
Nervous Ladybug 3
165) Nervous Ladybug 3
They came from Planet Earth
164) They came from Planet Earth
Pack it
163) Pack it
Digital Upgrade: Decoded
162) Digital Upgrade: Decoded
Darcy pony difference
161) Darcy pony difference
Mushroom Passion
160) Mushroom Passion
Fruit harvesting
159) Fruit harvesting
158) Emotiblocks
157) Blockoomz
Color fish quest
156) Color fish quest
12 Towers
155) 12 Towers
Cheese barn Levels pack
154) Cheese barn Levels pack
Finding sweet apples
153) Finding sweet apples
Fish pair linking
152) Fish pair linking
Finding seahorses
151) Finding seahorses
Class Room Fun
150) Class Room Fun
Meadow butterfly matching
149) Meadow butterfly matching
Find the difference: picnic
148) Find the difference: picnic
Spot the difference: Swimming pool
147) Spot the difference: Swimming pool
Spot the difference: Class Room
146) Spot the difference: Class Room
Study Time
145) Study Time
Balloon pair touching
144) Balloon pair touching
Messy rooms Hidden objects
143) Messy rooms Hidden objects
Chasing Dog
142) Chasing Dog
Spot the difference: Gardening
141) Spot the difference: Gardening
Balloons Go
140) Balloons Go
Ice cream truck
139) Ice cream truck
Juicy fruit puzzles
138) Juicy fruit puzzles
Pretty flower matching
137) Pretty flower matching
Bee path memory
136) Bee path memory
Find the difference pirate ship
135) Find the difference pirate ship
Block Matching Mania
134) Block Matching Mania
Cowboy house
133) Cowboy house
Pharaoh Mahjong
132) Pharaoh Mahjong
Butterfly fun matching
131) Butterfly fun matching
Amaze Puzzle
130) Amaze Puzzle
After school fun differences
129) After school fun differences
Science Connect
128) Science Connect
Candy Matcher Deluxe
127) Candy Matcher Deluxe
Soccer Crush
126) Soccer Crush
Friends Play Time
125) Friends Play Time
Gem Hoarder
124) Gem Hoarder
Jewel Physics
123) Jewel Physics
Dinosaur Goofs
122) Dinosaur Goofs
Chariot Assembly
121) Chariot Assembly
10 seconds
120) 10 seconds
Wonder Butterfly Quest
119) Wonder Butterfly Quest
Zombie Time
118) Zombie Time
Spot balloon pairs
117) Spot balloon pairs
Mahjong in the garden
116) Mahjong in the garden
Mob the shaggy puffles
115) Mob the shaggy puffles
Hit upon the change
114) Hit upon the change
Elsa perfect valentine
113) Elsa perfect valentine
Valentines Love Connection
112) Valentines Love Connection
Path finding match 3
111) Path finding match 3
Tri Jewelled 2
110) Tri Jewelled 2
Board Puzzles 2015
109) Board Puzzles 2015
18 Wheeler Jigsaw Puzzle
108) 18 Wheeler Jigsaw Puzzle
Toys room hidden alphabets
107) Toys room hidden alphabets
The Royal Matching
106) The Royal Matching
Monster Taxi jigsaw puzzle
105) Monster Taxi jigsaw puzzle
Emergency van jigsaw puzzle
104) Emergency van jigsaw puzzle
Elegant Puzzles Book
103) Elegant Puzzles Book
Love Match 2015
102) Love Match 2015
Valentine heart balloons
101) Valentine heart balloons
Dora journey puzzles
100) Dora journey puzzles
Super Kitchen
99) Super Kitchen
98) Dominoes
Make Birds Craft
97) Make Birds Craft
Cheese Eater
96) Cheese Eater
Squishy Friends Quest
95) Squishy Friends Quest
Be a lovely winner
94) Be a lovely winner
93) Polkafriz
Bloo Ballz
92) Bloo Ballz
Party Time Matching
91) Party Time Matching
Hippo the brave knight
90) Hippo the brave knight
Fishing Tactics
89) Fishing Tactics
88) Bedazzled
Ice Cream Matcher
87) Ice Cream Matcher
The Right Way
86) The Right Way
Kids Fun Board
85) Kids Fun Board
Best Pic Puzzles
84) Best Pic Puzzles
Find the differences World Cup
83) Find the differences World Cup
Flock the Dogs
82) Flock the Dogs
81) Animatcher
Awesome Underwater Quest
80) Awesome Underwater Quest
Megastar sliding
79) Megastar sliding
Star Night Match 3
78) Star Night Match 3
Adorable Bunny Pairs
77) Adorable Bunny Pairs
Gem Match Deluxe
76) Gem Match Deluxe
Spot the differences circus
75) Spot the differences circus
Kids puzzle game
74) Kids puzzle game
73) Z-Infect
Magic Hat
72) Magic Hat
Boat Tracker
71) Boat Tracker
Pop It
70) Pop It
Scooty Racing Match 3
69) Scooty Racing Match 3
Wacky Word Search
68) Wacky Word Search
Perfect Match
67) Perfect Match
Rush Hour Road Rage
66) Rush Hour Road Rage
Quick Rotation
65) Quick Rotation
Subtraction Action
64) Subtraction Action
Add Like Mad
63) Add Like Mad
Multiplication Station
62) Multiplication Station
Ball Trap
61) Ball Trap
Ur Checkers
60) Ur Checkers
Pipe Down
59) Pipe Down
Pearl Hunt
58) Pearl Hunt
57) Rings
Present Panic
56) Present Panic
Mayan Mask Mayhem
55) Mayan Mask Mayhem
Love Tester
54) Love Tester
WS Tetris
53) WS Tetris
Dino Drop
52) Dino Drop
Fruity Flip Flop
51) Fruity Flip Flop
Geography Game
50) Geography Game
Robo Chess
49) Robo Chess
The Farmer
48) The Farmer
Water Jars
47) Water Jars
Ostrich Underground
46) Ostrich Underground
45) Blockocide
Puzzle Freak
44) Puzzle Freak
43) Mental
Fruits Memory
42) Fruits Memory
Fast food Fiasco
41) Fast food Fiasco
Creepy Crossword
40) Creepy Crossword
39) Bloc
Silly Bull Chess
38) Silly Bull Chess
37) Memza
Monkey Road
36) Monkey Road
Map: Middle East &South Asia
35) Map: Middle East &South Asia
Map: 50 States
34) Map: 50 States
Map: 50 State Capitals
33) Map: 50 State Capitals
Map: Europe
32) Map: Europe
Map: Africa
31) Map: Africa
Cute Pet Pairs
30) Cute Pet Pairs
Peg Solitaire
29) Peg Solitaire
28) Clix
27) Enigmatica
5 Differences
26) 5 Differences
Smiley Memory
25) Smiley Memory
Toxic Blocks
24) Toxic Blocks
Find the keys
23) Find the keys
Circle Chain
22) Circle Chain
Doof Blocks
21) Doof Blocks
Chat Noir
20) Chat Noir
Mass Attack
19) Mass Attack
Cricket Players Word Search
18) Cricket Players Word Search
Twist N Fix
17) Twist N Fix
Magic Jungle - Spot the difference
16) Magic Jungle - Spot the difference
Pop Singers Word Search
15) Pop Singers Word Search
Escape my puzzle
14) Escape my puzzle
Block Collapse Challenge
13) Block Collapse Challenge
Dji Death Fails - Spot the Difference
12) Dji Death Fails - Spot the Difference
Chicken egg match
11) Chicken egg match
Crazy Seashells
10) Crazy Seashells
Waggle HD
9) Waggle HD
8) Spaceoventure
Rio Spin Puzzle
7) Rio Spin Puzzle
Bare the birds coop
6) Bare the birds coop
Deluxe Block Matching
5) Deluxe Block Matching
The Toffee Town
4) The Toffee Town
Angel of Freedom
3) Angel of Freedom
Cute Flower Pairs
2) Cute Flower Pairs
Lost in Flowers
1) Lost in Flowers
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